The store will be closed from nov 4th to nov 18th. The staff of savant research will be attending a retreat. This retreat is meant to advance, learn, and overall relax in a setting with low technology. It will be a great experience in which we will come back changed. Learning more about ourselves, our environment, our psyche and empowered to help others. With that being said, the last orders will be accepted on the 3rd.

Our adventure will be documented and subsequently posted within our blog. We cannot wait to gather insights and share our experiences! If anyone is interested in transforming themselves, visit and see how it can help and empower you in every aspect of life.

Please Check Our Blog For Product & Store Updates! Use the following coupon "HOLIDAY5" for instant $5 discount on your total order (min $20 within the cart). Offer is good for 2 uses. Happy Holidays everyone!
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