We are currently out of the following items:

Tianeptine Sodium

Etizolam Solution & Powder

Etizest & Etilaam strips (1mg etizolam control units)

Tianeptine Sodium is due to arrive by the middle of next week. Etizolam solution and bulk powder is due to arrive early next week. Etizest and Etilaam is scheduled to arrive by the end of next week.

As soon as our shipment arrives – we will update as usual!

Also working on obtaining future products such as:






If you would like to suggest a product to carry, please feel free to comment below and we will start investigating its potential within the store. Thank you everyone!

3 thoughts on “STOCK UPDATE 7/15/2017

    • Savant Research says:

      Tianeptine is currently in production from a high quality, great manufacturer resulting in the best product around. Once it is in, we will update the store and blog. Within 1-2 weeks estimated (maybe sooner. Thank you!!)

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