We are temporarily putting the site on stasis, so that no new orders come in. We do this because of the influx of new orders so that they can be shipped in a timely manner and to restock on inventory. All orders are being processed and will ship out in the order it they were made.

Also, please be aware that Monday, USPS was closed. So please give them (and us) ample time to reflect the tracking and deliver the product.

When you receive a shipping email – that is when the product was shipped. Please do not email us regarding your tracking not shipping and if it was shipped. We are working as hard as possible and these emails just take us away from shipping out orders on time. 1st class mail does not track as accurately as priority – please if you have chosen the free option, keep in mind it is slower than priority in every way.

Also – Tianeptine sodium is out of stock and we are expecting more by next week.

We are still working on orders and all remaining open orders will be shipped tomorrow morning. Check your emails for tracking as well as your fraud filters.

Thanks everyone!

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