Our research etizolam order finally arrived! Once it is processed, we will make it available once again. Please note the following changes:

Etizolam solution will be sold the same way, 10mg/ml (30ml). Etizolam powder will only be sold in increments of grams, with 1 gram being the lowest. Because we don’t know if we will restock, we are no longer selling it in milligram increments. We have also lowered the price per gram.

And as a reminder, we take adhering to our TOS very seriously, therefore, if suspect anyone violating our TOS (email indications, verbiage, sentence structure, pronunciation, etc) we will enlist an IP ban and refund your order immediately.

Thanks again everyone! As a note, apologies if this update sounds a bit harsh, but we value our customers and their safety, therefore anyone unequipped with proper laboratory etiquette can potentially endanger themselves and/or others. We want to further the human potential, not erase it.

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