It takes circumstances of what you don’t want to learn what you do want… If you conceptualize life as movie, a series of moments that your conscious and subconscious minds pieces together making the illusion that you are existing within time and space.. the mind does much more then edit the story of your life, it actually fills in the gaps, based on information, experiences and belief systems from your past, present and yes even future to construct your reality. .. You see, humans have constructed “time” as a linear dimension. .. Whether we can even state that time actually exists is debatable and will be discussed at another time. What I am trying to convey is that this editing of moment to moment, with missing information filled in based on how you believe reality to be. .. this is what mine and yours definition of “time”…
The actual realization of your past and future reflected unto the present moment = time. .. Primarily, your ego is responsible for building this time based reality. .. it also is responsible on how perceive this self created imaginary measuring concept. .. time can speed up or slow down based on your perception. ..
Let’s take for example when you are 10 years old. A year, in your perception at that moment, felt as if was 10 years. .. now take another example, me at 35 years old perceives time as unimaginably speeding up. .. perception! At 10, a year was a 10th of your life. .. uncomfortably long. .. now at 35… a year is a 35 th of my lifetime. .. subsequently creating the perception that time is faster,and a year gives the feeling of having a temporal length of merely several months-collectively. .
I digress,  basically our biological and psychological evolutionary feedback system is experiencing contrast to guide you towards your wants. ..
So, when time brings about an event that you perceive as negative. .. flip it.. embrace it.. and take it as a personal message from the universe teaching you what you want, a lesson among lessons within this movie we call life. 
Isn’t it ironic?

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