Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Where is my order? Sometimes, USPS can be slow and delays can happen. If your package hasn’t arrived within a given time frame, inform us and we will look into it. If the pack continues to be delayed or another incedence in where it hasn’t been delivered, we will work with you in terms of reshipment depending on product.
I’ve been scammed before and now very cautious as to who I buy from. How do I know your not a scammer? I understand the internet can be a dog eat dog arena, which raises concerns when ordering products. If your a first time customer and are still weary, we can send you an invoice for your first purchase. Secondly, check me out on Ebay under “Savant Research” and you’ll see that i’m a top seller.
I have my tracking number, but why is it not tracking? The post office usually scans tracking numbers at night. Even so, they are not very accurate. First Class tracking for example is the least accurate and will often times not track at all when your order is on its way. Rest assured, your order is on its way.
Where are you based out of? We are based out of NY, New York
I am concerned with purity. Our products are received with a manufacturers COA / GC/MS results, insuring 99% & above in purity. We further test our stock via third party lab to insure quality. If you would like additional verification on this, feel free to contact us via messaging system or email.
Do you offer a return policy? Do to the nature of our products, we will not accept returns on opened packages. If within 7 days you wish to return your unopened item, then please contact us via our messaging system or by sending us an email. We will gladly return it, no questions asked.
What are you shipping methods? We send all our packages via USPS. We offer priority only. Orders over $55 get free shipping! (Via 1st class Shipping if chosen EST delivery time is 3-7 days)
What kind of products do you sell? We sell substances known as Nootropics ( also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers). The FDA does not consider nootropics to be a dietary supplement, so to comply with regulations, they are not for human consumption. We also carry a line of novel items solely for research purposes only.
When will my order ship? Under normal circumstances, orders for in-stock items that are received before 10:00 AM Eastern time on normal business days will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 10:00 AM Eastern time will ship the next business day. We will advise customers of any delays in processing or shipping orders via email within 24 hours of ordering. The estimated transit times for our shipping methods are provided by USPS; although they are generally accurate, we cannot guarantee delivery within a given time frame.