Due to numerous incidences of unauthorized purchases – we now require anyone wishing to buy “Etizolam Powder” To provide to us a statement of intent in order to proceed in acquiring it. This has been implemented so that only responsible knowledgeable, researchers that can accurately measure the product, utilizing proper lab instruments.

All statements should be mailed to : Sales@savant-research.com OR you can go to the product page and fill out the form. We will then approve or disapprove your request based on our discretion. We do this for your safety.

Within each statement please include:

what you intent to do with the product.

What lab machinery you have to handle such product.

If you are properly trained in lab safety.

Also sign off with your name and date. After reviewing – we will email you back with the password so that you obtain the product.

Thank you all for your support and apologize for the extra step. We take adhering to our TOS very seriously and want to provide steps to minimize possible uses outside of what is contained in our TOS.


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